Investment Criteria

Cambium Equity Partners is dedicated to acquiring, running and growing a single privately held business.

We have an extremely flexible investment structure with the ability to move quickly, but the business we acquire should satisfy most of the following characteristics:

Financial Criteria

  • History of predictable profits
  • Recurring revenue
  • Revenue of $5 – $50 million
  • EBITDA of $1 – $10 million

Company Characteristics

  • Diversified and growing customer base
  • Business and tech-enabled services, healthcare or educational services
  • Fragmented competitive landscape
  • Relatively high barriers to entry

Your Situation

  • You are ready to monetize the value you created
  • You care about your operating legacy and the succession of leadership post retirement
  • You would like a more focused role within your organization
  • You are a serial entrepreneur poised to pursue your next venture

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