Our Approach

Cambium Equity Partners will provide you, the business owner, with liquidity and a dedicated succession plan that is advantageous to you from traditional private equity or strategic buyers.  Sellers can expect integrity, honesty and respect throughout the process as these are the cornerstone values of our professional and personal relationships. See below to learn more about why we are the right long-term, focused partner for you and your business, and please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Private Equity

Strategic Buyer

Individual Investor

Goals Continued sustainable growth and value creation  Maximize returns through  structuring Cost cutting and synergies realization Lifestyle investor
Investment Time Horizon Dedicated to the long-term success of your company Typically 3-5 years Varies Varies
Level of Commitment Sole investment with focused management and accomplished Board One of many portfolio companies One of many divisions or business units Varies
Source of Capital Diverse group of accomplished entrepreneurs, executives and professional investors Institutional investors including pension funds and endowments Private or public funds; transactions tend to be heavily scrutinized Limited personal resources to invest and make ongoing improvements
Deal Terms Flexible based on you and your company’s needs Driven by institutional investors Structured to protect the parent company Driven by lenders
Employees Viewed as critical to achieve sustained business growth Dependent on strategy Redundant employees likely terminated Varies
Owner Transition Comfortable agreed upon transition period Often 2-3 years required with increased scrutiny Often 2-3 years required reporting to executive Varies
Legacy Committed to the preservation of your legacy and success Uncertain Likely eliminated Uncertain

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Investment Criteria